Month: June 2015

Studio 365: Day 179

Day 179 iii

From Studio to Nursery I

Day 179 ii

From Studio to Nursery II

All ready and waiting for the most beautiful little girl in the world. A heartfelt Thank You for all your warm good wishes, lovely words of congratulations and all the “likes”. Please know how much they have been appreciated.

Studio 365: Day 178

Nursery i
Some days are just the best, and today is one of those days. We became grandparents for the first time when our daughter gave birth to a beautiful little girl at 9:30 this morning.

On Day 144 you will remember I said I would reveal the pieces I was stretching and wiring so earnestly. This wonderful cross-stitch scene my wife made when she was pregnant with our daughter and after she was born it hung over her crib. Happily it will now be hanging in her own daughter’s nursery in pride of place.

Nursery ii

These pieces, also for the nursery, are images from favourite books that I used to read to her and her brother for years, which I have scanned, printed onto canvas and then stretched onto the small frames. I’m already looking forward to reading them all over again.

Nursery iv

What a great day it has been today. I hope yours has been too.

Nursery iii

Studio 365: Day 177

Day 177 iii

Lessons from the Great Masters Day 3 i 26.6.15

Day 177 iv

Lessons from the Great Masters Day 3 ii 26.6.15

 DAy 177 vi         Day 177 v

Day 175 iii

Studio 365: Day 175

Day 175 b

Lessons from the Great Masters Day 1 24.6.15

A big thank you to Debi Riley, an inspirational artist and teacher in Perth Australia, who introduced us, through her wonderful blog a couple of weeks ago, to one of her treasured art books – Tate Watercolour Manual: Lessons from the Great Masters. I ordered it online and it arrived a day or two ago; what a treasure indeed. Today I started exploring it in the studio and am already excited by what I hope to learn.

Day 175 iv      Day 175 i

Day 175 v      Day 175 ii

Thank you Debi for the introduction but more importantly for the great inspiration you are to all of your students and for sharing with us, through your superb artistic creations your passion and love of art and for teaching. Visit Debi’s blog to learn more about her treasured books and explore her many lessons for aspiring artists.

Day 175 iii

Studio 365: Day 173

Day 173 i

Balletlujah Collage II 22.6.15

Day 173 vii

Day 173 ii     Day 173 iii

Day 173 iv     Day 173 v

Day 173 vi

Day 173 ix

Visit Studio 365 Day 170 to learn about Balletlujah celebrating the music of k.d.lang with links to CBC Television and the Alberta Ballet Company.

ROY G. BIV works here

roygbiv iii

Since January 1st this year Studio 365 has been productive every day thanks to the hard work of Roy G. Biv. Here is a potpourri of some of his creations from the studio these past six months showing all of his lovely colours working together in each and every one.

Where there’s colour there’s life

roygbiv iv

Roy G.Biv