joy to the world


Oh what a joyous day, with the birth of our first grandson this morning.
Congratulations to his mummy, daddy and little sister,
and welcome to the family beautiful boy.

WPC: Evanescent


For this week’s Photo Challenge Krista asks us to
show a moment in time that holds meaning for you.

No surprise that I would wish to share this special moment in time like no other after our beautiful new granddaughter was born just a few days ago. It is all about love, joy, trust and hope. It raised my spirits into the stratosphere, hopefully it will raise yours too.

Symbol ii

Can there be a more perfect symbol of love, joy, trust and hope than the grasp of the little hand of our beautiful granddaughter who is two weeks old today.

Although I posted this photo the day after she was born, I hope you agree that this close up is worth the re-post in response to Jen’s invitations for this Week’s Photo Challenge, to “…share a symbol with us, and tell us what it means to you.”