We Remember matted and framed.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of The Battle of Vimy Ridge.

glen canyon revisited 2

Glen Canyon Study #3  Watercolor, Pen and Ink 16.3.17

Glen Canyon Study #4  Pen and Ink 16.3.17

palette strip 16.3.17

glen canyon revisited

Glen Canyon Study #1 watercolour, pen and ink 13.03.17

Glen Canyon Study #2  Pen and Ink 13.3.17

colourful closeups


Away for a special family celebration this weekend which is why after the recent snowy monochromes I thought I would put a little colour back on thechangingpalette with these colourful closeups of a few paintings that may be familiar to you.

the first of the year


Kitsilano in the snow, a new painting for a new year.

looking back to the year ahead


For this week’s Photo Challenge: New Horizon Krista asks us to “think ahead and show your work in a representative photo”.  Since I have just received my 2017 calendar this week, which I had printed by Apple, it seemed the perfect way to respond to Krista’s challenge revisiting some of my paintings from 2016 as I look forward to the year ahead.



If you’re interested in purchasing a calendar let me know.

saturday’s bouquets


bouquet from the imagination I 17.9.16


bouquet from the imagination II 17.9.16


I’m beginning to think the Gift of the Four Treasures has magical properties.