darkness and light

This painting from a few years ago seems now quite unintentionally to capture the times we are living through with hope and light expressed in the colours battling the surrounding swirling darkness, as petals fall. Tell me I’m wrong and it’s just another lovely bouquet.


  1. It IS a lovely bouquet Andrew!… but there has always been the ying and yang balancing our world… and “where there is darkness, let there be light”
    The light will return…

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  2. Well it IS a beautiful bouquet on it’s own. And now it is a perfect metaphor for the time we are living in. A metaphor for the hope that we must never ever give up and the love that we must always allow ourselves to feel even when we are smothered by an ever deeper darkness sweeping the planet.

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  3. You are neither right or wrong. You are just expressing what this beautiful bouquet picture means to you. I can see your interpretation and I can see a beautiful vase with flowers. Your interpretation is so much better though.

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