WPC: Place in the World

In May 2017 I posted a number of images of Vancouver for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting. Rather than repurposing all the images for this week’s Photo Challenge: Place in the World from Erica, I invite you to visit Vancouver Reflections to see my city enjoying the same brilliant sunshine as it is today.


In-focus Out-of-focus:

Photinia leaves and sky reflected in the water on our path with its pachysandra border.

Dedicated to the people of North Kensington grieving for the tragic loss and suffering of their families and friends.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

Perfect for this week’s Photo Challenge: Reflecting was this glorious sunrise last weekend reflected in the water lapping Rathtrevor Beach at the lovely Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Resort, Parksville, British Columbia where I was staying.

An early morning walk along the beach followed with equally stunning reflections seen in the tidal pools left by the receding water.

You can see why our Province is known as Super, Natural British Columbia. Enjoy the slideshow with a few more photos from the walk…

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…and this presentation by Destination British Columbia entitled The Wild Within.

Have you booked your tickets yet? 🙂

Studio 365: Day 290

Today has been a day of reflection in which I saw a painting at every sparkling moment:

Day 290 ib

Trémolat I

Day 290 iib

Trémolat II

Day 290 iii

La Roque Saint-Christophe

Day 290 iv

St Léon sur Vézère

Day 290 v


Our last stop at the Cave of Lascaux deserves a post of its own when I return home.
It was definitely the highlight of the day.

Day 290 vi

Both sides now…

Wall Centre

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow
It’s cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all.

Joni Mitchell 1967

I took this photo with my iPhone a few weeks ago looking up at the Wall Centre here in Vancouver. The words of Joni Mitchell’s song, Both Sides Now from her album Clouds, instantly came to my mind and a moment of warm reverie came over me as I looked up at the clouds and remembered hearing her voice for the first time in 1969.  I was driving my old yellow Triumph TR2 down the Old Kent Road in London, and as she started singing on the car radio I had to pull over to listen to the rest of the song, a magical moment frozen in time and one which has remained with me ever since.

Ben’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half has given me the perfect opportunity to share the photo and to listen to the unforgettable voice of Joni Mitchell singing one of her greatest songs once again. Thanks Ben

Campo vii

One of the great memories and pleasures of visiting Siena is sitting in the afternoon sunshine on the warm stone of the Piazza del Campo enjoying the view of the magnificent Palazzo Pubblico reflected here in my wife’s sunglasses.

To learn more about Siena visit Magdalena’s wonderful site Just Visit Siena.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections ii

Berlin i
Berlin iii
Bundestag ii

Reflections inside the dome of the German Bundestag in Berlin

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

…The abstract beauty created by the colors reflected and refracted in this fountain of water was completely unexpected…