Wish: Planet 50:50

Wishing the amazing women in my life a happy International Women’s Day.

The title of the post is taken from the UN Women’s website, which states the theme for International Women’s Day this year focuses on “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”. I encourage you to read their full statement here.

As I looked with great pride and much love at my wife, daughter and granddaughter today there is so much to wish for. The UN Women’s statement is a good place to start.

Starts with C


Cookie Monster starts with C, being photobombed here by Grover, and not forgetting Bert and Ernie, all names that cannot help but make you smile. They certainly did for our beautiful granddaughter after Xmas.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I think this is one of them.
Taken by my daughter of me and my beautiful granddaughter walking along the Galloping Goose Trail here in Victoria says all I need to say about what the word Path means to me today.

“welcome to my kingdom”


There’s no better way to relax than reading with our beautiful granddaughter.

mission accomplished

Discover Challenge: Mind the Gap

The distance between idea and execution can be a source of frustration — or of inspiration.”

For this week’s challenge” asks Ben, “tell us a story — in words, sounds, images, or any combination of media — about the struggle to close the gap between an idea and its realization.”


I think I’ll just let the pictures tell the story in which the gap was brilliantly closed
and the pride of achievement glorious to behold.




Mission accomplished by our beautiful granddaughter ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving



So much to be thankful for not only today but every day.

Wishing all our family and friends in America a very Happy Thanksgiving.

photograph of our beautiful granddaughter courtesy of our also beautiful daughter

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


Detail of Ten Little Fingers for this week’s Photo Challenge: Tiny

ten little fingers

Discover Challenge


Cheri asks us to “Use a number to inspire and shape the format of your post.”

What could be more uplifting on a day when our spirits need to be uplifted than our beautiful granddaughter’s ten little fingers holding those colourful crayons and producing her first masterpieces.


number-ii      number-i

Now don’t you feel better?