when it’s raining outside

Collage on a rainy Saturday afternoon in the studio. You never know what a little tearing and recycling will result in. I think I’ll title it “When it’s raining outside.”

the seal of approval

What could be a more enjoyable way to spend an afternoon than FaceTiming with my beautiful granddaughter today creating a virtual collage, with her request for an erupting volcano, lava and a dinosaur 🦕 which I’m happy to report received the seal of approval. 😉 ❤️

national dance day

Taking a moment away from the heartache and despair of each day’s news to celebrate National Dance Day with this collage of some of my favorite ballet dancers online who inspire us each day with the beauty of their art.

crazy for you

New York, New York

This collage of an imagined Manhattan skyline was created from a Playbill from the Shubert Theatre for the show Crazy for You, which we saw on a visit to New York in 1993. I originally posted it in January 2015 just before our last New York visit and early in my 365 day blogging challenge that year. You can see the full image here on Day 26.

Studio 365: Day 278

Day 278 iii      Day 278 i
Day 278 ii      Day 278 vi

Collage fragments I – IV

After yesterday’s monoprint fragments I thought I would revisit the collage from Day 268 and find a few more fragments for today.

Studio 365: Day 268

Day 269 ii

City of the Imagination X 25.9.15

As they say, “Now for something completely different”. Today’s image is a collage using, appropriately, torn pieces from an old Architectural Digest together with watercolor, pen and ink.

Day 268 ii