it just doesn’t get much better

weekend 4ic

Photography 101, Weekend Four: Get out and Explore
Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

weekend 4iii

Yesterday was one of those magical days in Vancouver. There was fresh snow on the ground and the air was crisp and cold with the sun shining from a blue, blue sky. Although I posted a farewell to Photography 101 with its a wrap, I did indeed “get out and explore” as Cheri had suggested, and with Ben’s convergence very much on my mind had an early morning walk along Kits beach as the sun began to rise.

A little later in the morning it was the turn of  Spanish Banks where the tide was out.

It was one of those days that just doesn’t get much better.

its a wrap

Photography 101: Weekend FourCompile and share your favorites in a post.

Congratulations to my fellow Photography 101ers and thanks to the WordPress team for such an enjoyable and creative month.


Photography 101: TriumphTriumph usually denotes drama of some sort, no matter whether it’s big or small.

The Arc de Triomphe on the last lap of the Tour de France.  I confess to taking this photo during this year’s TV broadcast adding a little extra blur to the pelaton to highlight the sense of speed and drama.

edge iii

Photography 101: Edge – Today is all about straight edges, and tweaking your image to ensure your lines are perfectly positioned.

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge – Photos are visual spaces where shapes and lines, objects, and people come together

I was going to discard this over-exposed photo that I took last weekend of a girl in a red scarf walking along the railway tracks. However, after a little editing the image developed a certain edginess that had a mesmerizing quality to it.  I hope you agree.

I originally posted this for Photography 101 two days ago but with Ben’s Weekly Photo Challenge today asking us to “explore the ways lines and shapes can converge in interesting ways through photography” I have updated the post for Ben’s challenge as it seems to be the perfect fit, particularly as I had originally thought of giving it the title “The Vanishing Point Vanishes”.


Photography 101: Glass – Incorporate glass in today’s image: a window, a mirror, a wine glass, sunglasses, or something else. It doesn’t matter what form the glass takes.


We brought this beautiful glass sculpture back from Prague some years ago. I hope you agree its perfect for Cheri’s Photography 101 task today.

glass ii

the answer was yes

Photography 101: TreasureShow us something (or someone) you cherish, and get up close.

treasure ii

This treasured ring belongs to my greatest treasure of forty years who happily answered yes.

a bridge for all

Photography 101, Weekend Three: Hone your camera eye

101 weekend ip

This weekend’s exercise covers most of the assignments from the past three weeks of Photography 101 all in one post, and even manages to meet the weekly Photo Challenge: Angular.

On Saturday morning, after reading Cheri’s suggestion to observe and capture an entire scene, I took my trusty Pentax Kr and did just that. Burrard Bridge is an Art Deco style bridge that was opened in July 1932 and is one of Vancouver’s three bridges that cross False Creek with English Bay shimmering to its west. Saturday morning saw the usual joggers, walkers, cyclists and cars all making up a wonderful potpourri of colours and movement, which I hope you will enjoy.

swarm ii

Photography 101: Swarm …to move about in great numbers…

The swarming colors of the festivities in Cusco’s Plaza de Armas leading up to Inti Raymi, the Inca festival of the winter solstice: from a gallery of photos that I posted after our Peruvian adventure last year.