Kit’s Beach

it just doesn’t get much better

weekend 4ic

Photography 101, Weekend Four: Get out and Explore
Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

weekend 4iii

Yesterday was one of those magical days in Vancouver. There was fresh snow on the ground and the air was crisp and cold with the sun shining from a blue, blue sky. Although I posted a farewell to Photography 101 with its a wrap, I did indeed “get out and explore” as Cheri had suggested, and with Ben’s convergence very much on my mind had an early morning walk along Kits beach as the sun began to rise.

A little later in the morning it was the turn of  Spanish Banks where the tide was out.

It was one of those days that just doesn’t get much better.

park partita

Photography 101: Weekend One

Kits beach this afternoon was pure magic with the glorious sound of her violin in perfect harmony with the late afternoon sky, the autumnal colors of the trees, the scattered clouds and the silhouettes of the figures against the shimmering water of English Bay.

Enjoy the Bourée from Bach’s Partita No.3 in E major played by Nobuko Imai

Beauty and the Beach

Whether you’re dancing…

yoga iii


Kits beach strolling


kits beach ii




volleyball ii


sunset viii


sunset iv



jumping for joy…

sunset vi

or simply just sitting and watching the sunset…

kits beach

…There is nowhere better than to be on Kitsilano Beach on a perfect Vancouver evening.

In response to Ben asking us “What makes us go “Click!” and as a final submission to Cheri’s WPC “Silhouette”. Those of you who have been following my blog know that Kits Beach and English Bay are two of my favourite subjects and you can find more pictures by following the links from my tags below.

Container Log Jam

Containers waiting in English Bay, Vancouver viewed from the logs of Kitsilano Beach.

Machu Picchu -17

I thought I would post another photo from yesterday evening of Kit’s Beach and English Bay, a view that never fails to lift the spirit…I think I feel better already…Thanks for all your comments and good wishes. It’s getting closer!