Spanish Banks

the sky blue twins

Out walking on Spanish Banks this morning on this beautiful British Columbia Day these two caught my eye and seemed to express what this holiday is all about. Since this week’s Lens-Artist photo challenge is “Blue” what could be better.

Happy BC Day 🇨🇦

Whether you have two legs or four there is nothing pedestrian about this pedestrian pathway, as you walk, jog or cycle beside Spanish Banks and English Bay as we did yesterday, with the Vancouver skyline in the distance.

Could this be one of the most scenic pathways in the world?…

…but I’m a little biased of course.

oh I do like to be beside the seaside





A perfect summer’s day on Spanish Banks, Vancouver today. It doesn’t get much better 🙂

beauties and the beach


Nothing better than our early morning weekend walk on Spanish Banks when the tide is out, with distant figures on the sand and the Vancouver skyline silhouetted against a clear blue sky in one direction and Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver and Bowen Island in the other. The beauty of the wild flowers blossoming amongst the logs and the little commemorative garden overlooking Acadia Beach that is aways there and freshly tended with loving care by an unknown hand, all lift the spirits on this perfect summer’s morning. I hope they lift yours too.

Studio 365: Day 363

Day 363 ib

Spanish Banks and the Vancouver Skyline 29.12.15

Back from a wonderful Xmas with family in Los Angeles to enjoy Vancouver at its best today, and this first for me, a rider and his horse on Spanish Banks against the shimmering skyline of the city.

Only two more days to go and just two more months to look back on.

November: After attending the 91st Annual Remembrance Day Service in Victory Square, Vancouver on November 11th…

Day 314

…two days later another day of horror and tragedy in Paris was added to an ever-growing list of days to remember, and Je suis Charlie became Je suis Paris

Day 318 ii

After our never-to-be-forgotten visit to La Belle France in October with dear friends studio-time painting the beautiful places we visited took on a new meaning during November and became a way of showing solidarity with the people of France who made our visit so memorable. This slideshow brings together those paintings, some of which will be familiar to you after yesterdays photos of all the places we visited. I have also included a couple from our visit to London where we began our journey.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One final painting from the end of the month for Day 330 and another favourite for obvious reasons, my father’s tools some of which I had been using to create my representations of the Cave of Lascaux.

Day 330 iv

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

Halloween iv
What could be a more “marvellous treat” than walking along Spanish Banks on a perfect October morning in Vancouver and being greeted by a pile of perfect pumpkins set against the beauty of Howe Sound looking towards Lighthouse Park, Bowen Island and the distant mountains that in a week or two will be covered in snow.

treat ii

Treat iii

After leaving the beach we set off along the Admiralty Trail in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park where the autumnal colours were simply mesmerizing as you will have seen in my post to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween