landscape painting

VJ Day


Pacific Spirit Park – 15.8.20 – acrylic on canvas

Painted today to honour the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day, which marks the end of the war in the Pacific and the Second World War. Lest we forget.

no words necessary


No words, just total awe in the Pacific Spirit Park today.



Work in progress today, i.e. evolving


Seemed like a good idea to look back 4 years ago today to my post evolved from nothing

Chapter 7 in Tony Smibert’s Painting Landscapes from your Imagination is all about composition.

“Whether drawn as a crisp outline or sketchy…the result is the same:
a landscape which you evolved from nothing; and only a beginning to the possibilities”


This was certainly the case today particularly using the “Three Line Sketch”, which Tony describes as his “secret weapon…the ultimate planning tool for watercolour.”


spirit wall

Pacific Spirit IV

Another opportunity to say thank you to all the heroes and heroines out there.
I just can’t say it often enough.

Spirit Wall

in this together


Written in chalk beneath a rainbow on the entrance to Tatlow Park here in Vancouver these words are perhaps the perfect way to recognize this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. We are indeed all in this together.

Since this is also National Park Week, and following my look back to Antelope Canyon, I thought I would re-post our visit to magnificent Bryce Canyon five years ago today together with the painting that it inspired.


Studio 365: Day 112    April 22, 2015



From the wonder and awe of the magic of Antelope Canyon to the breathtaking majesty of the vistas of Bryce Canyon. It has been another unforgettable day and once again I will let the pictures do all the talking…

…the final shot at the end of a perfect day.


no rules only consequences


Spending time in the studio during this time of self-isolation I have been enjoying putting into action the word’s of Tony Smibert from his wonderful book Painting Landscapes from your Imagination. During the summer of 2016 I undertook all of the exercises in his book and some of you may have followed my progress at that time. Here is a re-post of one of them, which reminds me of how much fun I had during that memorable summer four years ago.


there are no rules




In Chapter 2 of Painting Landscapes from your Imagination Tony Smibert describes the Nature of Watercolor:

“The essence of painting in watercolour is to understand and work with the simple mysteries
of suspension, settling and drying, which takes place everytime we lay down a wash.”

He then adds perhaps the perfect mantra for watercolour painting:

“There are no rules in watercolour, only consequences”

Today’s exercises, which are full of “consequences”, some more successful than others, finishes Chapter 6 with more washes, dots, dabs and the addition of knife work to remove the dried paint creating white highlights from the underlying paper.

loti6x      loti6ix loti6vii loti6viii loti6i     loti6ii


There are lots more great exercises to re-visit.