that moment when

you have to pause and simply marvel at the magic before you
Last night I was reading on the sofa and looked up to see these silouettes on my windowsill appear against the sky of a glorious sunset. A magical moment that needed to be savoured and recorded until the setting sun was gone and the magic was over.

sunrise sunset


“For this week’s photo challenge, explore the vibrant, hopeful colors of your favorite sunrise or sunset.”

Here are two of mine

Sunrise on the road to Vimy in northern France, 2012

Sunset over the Grand Canal in Venice, 2017

goodness gracious…

…great ball of fire.

Last night’s sunset over English Bay in Vancouver was one giant fire ball resulting from the smoke of the wild fires to the east blanketing the city. Our thoughts are with all those who have lost homes and property and have had to evacuate their towns and communities. At the same thanks go to all those on the front lines fighting the fires each and every day.

fairest of them all

sunset 15.5.16

Mirror, mirror on the bay
Who’s the fairest this eve of May?

No contest last night with this glorious sunset over Vancouver’s English Bay.

Kits Perfect

Kits Perfect

Last night’s sunset over English Bay was another one of those special moments that makes Kitsilano Beach such a special place to be on a warm spring evening here in Vancouver. You may recall a not too dissimilar image from August 2014 for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette.

Studio 365: Day 243

Day 243 iv

Deltaport 31.8.15

The Deltaport skyline at sunset from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal causeway on our return from Victoria last night.

Studio 365: Day 224

Day 224 ii

Fire in the sky – 12.8.15

The night sky over Vancouver’s English Bay after sunset two nights ago.

Studio 365: Day 117

So here we are home again after ten memorable days filled with sights and sounds that had all of our senses tingling with excitement and anticipation each day. The studio is as I left it as you can see, except for two treasured additions to the picture. Can you spot them?

Day 106   Day 117

For Day 117 I thought I would post a few of our favorite moments from the trip, and yours I might add, to enjoy one more time and reflect on how fortunate and privileged we have felt, particularly at a time when others across the world are struggling to cope with so much devastation around them. We live in such a beautiful and yet often so cruel a natural world.

Thanks for joining us on our journey, which I hope you have all enjoyed vicariously, as much as we have enjoyed sharing it with you each day.

Day 117 ii

Our welcome home sunset tonight reflected in the waters of English Bay.