New York

thanksgiving thursday


Wishing family and friends below the 49th a very Happy Thanksgiving.

You can see us in the reflection after enjoying a bowl of gazpacho from Little Spain below the High Line trail in New York last month after our short but memorable three day visit.

The Big Apple never disappoints.


“A good book is the life blood of a master spirit,
imbalm’d and treasur’d up on purpose
to a life beyond life”

The Rose Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library

Our visit to the New York Public Library, one of the highlights of our recent trip to New York.


The DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room

Above the entrance to the Edna Barnes Salomon Room

Liberty weeps again

Another day of infamy to add to the list of so many. With sympathy and condolences to all those affected by the evil act of terror perpetrated in New York yesterday.

crazy for you

New York, New York

This collage of an imagined Manhattan skyline was created from a Playbill from the Shubert Theatre for the show Crazy for You, which we saw on a visit to New York in 1993. I originally posted it in January 2015 just before our last New York visit and early in my 365 day blogging challenge that year. You can see the full image here on Day 26.

Studio 365: Day 261

Day 261 ii     Day 261 iii
Day 261 iv     Day 261 v

For today’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid, Michelle asks us to “…take the humble grid out of the shadows, and make it the star.” After seeing Leanne Cole’s wonderful photo homage to New York yesterday and Vladimir Brezina’s photos of New York today, it was out to the studio and the creation of an imagined grid of the wonder that is New York. As you can see it is very much a work in progress but good things may come of it I think.

Day 261 i

City of the Imagination I 18.9.15

Well Met

As promised on MoMA Mia, a gallery and slideshow of some of my favourite photos from our recent visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The perfect way to spend a few hours on a New York Sunday afternoon in January.

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While you are viewing the slides, enjoy Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett singing…you guessed it of course…New York New York.

MoMA Mia

A gallery and slide show of some of my favorite photos from our memorable visit to the
Museum of Modern Art in New York just over a week ago to see the Matisse Cut-outs.

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Can you predict the song?

Stay tuned for our visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a day or two.

Shades of Grey for Valentine’s Day

Valentine i

Auguste Rodin’s Eternal Spring is the perfect image on Valentine’s Day for lovers everywhere.

From a photograph I took during our visit to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art
last Sunday, together with the Museum’s description.

Valentine ii

“The human body is, above all, the mirror of the soul, and from the soul comes its greatest beauty.”

Auguste Rodin, from Rodin on Art, Horizon Press, 1971