The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Well Met

As promised on MoMA Mia, a gallery and slideshow of some of my favourite photos from our recent visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The perfect way to spend a few hours on a New York Sunday afternoon in January.

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While you are viewing the slides, enjoy Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett singing…you guessed it of course…New York New York.

Shades of Grey for Valentine’s Day

Valentine i

Auguste Rodin’s Eternal Spring is the perfect image on Valentine’s Day for lovers everywhere.

From a photograph I took during our visit to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art
last Sunday, together with the Museum’s description.

Valentine ii

“The human body is, above all, the mirror of the soul, and from the soul comes its greatest beauty.”

Auguste Rodin, from Rodin on Art, Horizon Press, 1971