Beautiful British Columbia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth 2

Shuswap iv

Earth has not anything to show more fair:
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty

William Wordsworth  1802

These opening lines from Wordsworth’s poem Composed on Westminster Bridge could easily have been written for this early morning view last weekend of Little Shuswap Lake here in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

BC Place ii


After leaving Granville Island our weekend walk took us to the east end of False Creek from where when you look back you can see the residences of Olympic Village on the south side built for the 2010 games, the Cambie Street Bridge way in the distance, and BC Place Stadium on the north side. This panorama shot was taken from the deck outside the geodesic dome of Vancouver’s Science World that opened for the World Fair in 1986 (Expo 86). As you can see the pedestrian and cycle pathway takes you around the creek and then carries on to Stanley Park so all can enjoy one of the world’s most accessible, varied and so often stunning urban landscapes.


Science world
Granville Bridge v


We’ve arrived at Granville Island on our weekend walk and here below the Granville Street Bridge you can see the Aquabus water taxis waiting to take you up and down False Creek. The photobombing seagull was a complete surprise however and clearly felt the landscape wouldn’t be complete without him. Serendipity at work once again.

Check out the great Granville Island website and learn all about one of Vancouver’s jewels.

Studio 365: Day 328

The Chief

Stawamus Chief Acrylic and Plaster 78″ x 64″

Since I have not been in the studio today, and in follow up to yesterday’s Lascaux Cave, I thought I would post this painting from a few years back of the magnificent face of the Stawamus Chief in the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park in Squamish BC. Although on a different scale to the Lascaux Cave, the technique once again used a combination of Polyfilla and paint, this time acrylic rather than watercolour.

The Chief

There are three hiking trails on the Chief that take you to three different peaks where the view from each across Howe Sound simply takes your breath away.

Chief iii

With the new Sea to Sky Gondola however now it is possible to experience the same views with a little less effort, but definately with a lot less sense of achievement.

Chief ii

Here you can see the three peaks of the Chief viewed from the gondola on the way down to earth.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat 2


With one more day to go for this week’s Photo Challenge, how could I not post these images from our morning walk along Kitsilano Beach in the early November sunshine two days ago.




What a treat!

Studio 365: Day 256

Day 256 i
Day 256 iii

Dramatic skies over Active Pass and Mayne Island on this morning’s ferry ride to Victoria.
Monochromatic and magical I hope you’ll agree.

Day 252

Sea to Sky

Returning to Vancouver from Whistler today along the Sea to Sky Highway a brief pause at Porteau Cove Provincial Park once again reveals Super Natural British Columbia in all its glory and also shows why the highway is so perfectly named.

Studio 365: Day 250

Day 250 ii
On our six hour drive from Okanagan Falls to Whistler today these spectacular views of the Fraser River and Coast Mountains between Lytton and Lillouet.

Day 250 iii

Beautiful British Columbia indeed.

Studio 365: Day 249

What a grape day it’s been.

Day 249 vi

Early morning view of Skaha Lake.

Day 249 iv

The spectacular view from Liquidity Winery at lunchtime

Day 249 v

Nighthawk Vineyards in the afternoon.

Day 249 viii

Studio 365: Day 248

Day 248

On The Vine 5.9.15

Studio 365 is on the road for a few days.  Today we drove to British Columbia’s wine country, and enjoyed a memorable harvest dinner tonight at the superb Blue Mountain Vineyard in Okanagan Falls.  Thanks Christie and all at Blue Mountain for a wonderful evening.

Blue Mountain iii     Blue Mountain ii