The Weekly Photo Challenge from Cheri today asks us to “share an image that means “earth” to you,” for upcoming Earth Day. This photographic detail of my painting of Cypress Alleyway, which I have already featured on thechangingpalette more than once, is my way of celebrating an earthly magical place that I shall never forget.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

In November 2013 for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers I posted the progress from blank canvas to finished painting of the beautiful Cypress Alleyway at Castello di Reschio in Umbria, Italy. Since two years have now gone by this week’s Photo Challenge: Transition seemed to be the perfect excuse to re-purpose Birth of a Painting. I hope you agree.


Reschio ii

Reschio iii

Cypress Alleway

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Half and Half ii

Cypress Alleyway Half and Half

Half photograph, half painting of Cypress Alleyway, Castello di Reschia in Umbria, Italy.

Reschio   Cypress Alleway

The original photo and painting

You can see how the painting was developed from a charcoal sketch to the finished work here in a previous Weekly Photo Challenge:Layers, which I also titled Birth of a Painting, in November 2013.