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Venice 22.5.20


Five years ago today I was also in a Venice frame of mind.


Studio 365: Day 142   22.5.15

Day 142 iv

Venice study I 22.5.15

Painting this watercolour and ink sketch in the studio this afternoon allowed me to re-visit our magical trip to Venice in July 1999, a visit documented in a precious journal that I kept throughout our Italian travels that year.

Venice ii


Foro Romano 30.5.15 matted and framed.

Next stop The Eternal City.

Our last visit was on the 19th of July 1999 as you can see.  
It’s been far too long. 
Stay tuned 🙂


Venice study I 22.5.15 matted and framed

Returning in a few weeks for the first time since July 1999 as you can see from my journal.

…can’t wait for more “Asiago and Pomodori at the Palazzo” 🇮🇪

Studio 365: Day 165

Day 165 iii

Mosaic and Fountain Study, Ostia Antica, Rome

Ostia Antica

Journal 21.VII.1999


The magnificent Caravaggio described in the journal, courtesy of the Web Museum

Studio 365: Day 156

Day 156

The Nave of the Upper Church of the Basilica di San Francesco, Assissi 5.6.15


Journal 15.4.2000

Assissi iii Assissi ii

Assissi iv

Day 156 ii

Studio 365: Day 155

Day 155c

Spello 4.6.15


Journal 16.IV.2000

Spello iii

Spello iv

Spello ii

Ahh!…the gelati in Viole; I remember them well before the final 2 Km to Assissi where we’ll visit tomorrow.

Day 155 ii

Studio 365: Day 151


Venetian Canal – 2006

Away from the studio today but still in Italy as you can see with this painting from 2006 and another Journal entry for Venezia from 1999.

Journal 9.VII

Journal 9.VII.99

Studio 365: Day 149

Day 149 iii

Vatican Marble Floor Study I 29.5.15

Vatican i

Journal 20.VII.99

One of the great memories of our Italian travels is standing in the Sistine Chapel and looking up to the ceiling in total awe at one of the greatest artistic achievements in the world.