Studio 365: Day 165

Day 165 iii

Mosaic and Fountain Study, Ostia Antica, Rome

Ostia Antica

Journal 21.VII.1999


The magnificent Caravaggio described in the journal, courtesy of the Web Museum


  1. Hi Andrew, you created a very subtle and sombre subject! And this painting with its very sombre palette choice created a curiosity in me. you usually use more vibrant and lively colours…so I did some research on Ostia Antica. With all the decay, pillaging, looting and pirating going on in that small town – it certainly could explain the sobriety of colours!

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    1. Thanks Debi. Yes, the mosaics and stones are all faded by centuries of sun, wind and water so the colours are muted and less vibrant; hence the palette. Also, always good to vary technique I think, don’t you?

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      1. excellent Change Up!! new, different avenues and ideas keep us energized and creating. I thought you tied in the tone, palette, design perfectly to match the subject’s essence 🙂

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