Month: July 2015

Studio 365: Day 212

hgh chair i

Did you know that today is National Highchair Assembly Day?

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All right, I know there’s no such day…but there is now 🙂

Studio 365: Day 210

close up 210 v

Closet Close Up

A painting within a painting from Studio 365: Day 209

Studio 365: Day 209

Day 209

After all those shoes, a girl can also never have enough dresses, I’m sure you’d agree.

For our beautiful granddaughter who just turned one month old yesterday.

close up v

        “In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.”                                                                                                 Dr Albert Schweitzer

For this week’s Photo Challenge: Close Up

Studio 365: Day 207

Day 207 ii

Beams 26.7.15

Inspired by Laura Macky’s gorgeous photo, Berkeley Pier “Beams” on her brilliant photography website, Laura Macky Photography.

Thanks Laura.

Studio 365: Day 205

Day 205
As I come to the end of my journey with Lessons from the Great Masters it’s time for a moment of reflection. I assembled all the exercises from the past fours weeks on the studio wall tonight and have put together a slide show of the featured images from each of the sixteen days that it took to complete the book. To all those of you who have joined me on the journey my thanks for your company along the way and for your many words of support and encouragement. It is always so good to see you.

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Day 175 iii