Petal Power

Today was the last day of the tulip festival in Agassiz, British Columbia, Tulips of the Valley.
I hope you enjoy this slideshow of some of the pictures from our visit on Easter Monday.

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  1. Oh those raucus swathes of colour sitting like a rug at the feet of the mountains …. thankyou for sharing these stunning images of happy vibrant colour in a magnificent landscape. My morning is complete!

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  2. Wow. Such great photos! And hardly any people even though it is a festival. In Korea we have to battle hordes of people and dodge countless selfie sticks if we dare venture to one of the spring festivals. We usually choose not to go because of it. You’ve given us another reason to check out Canada when we are finally finished in Korea!

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    1. Thanks so much. It wasn’t quite as empty as it looks. In fact there were hundreds and hundreds there, but the area is so large that in some areas it looked deserted. So many great reasons to visit Canada from coast to coast. You will love it 🙂

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