Month: March 2015

Studio 365: Day 90

Anemones 31.3.15

Day 90 i  Day 90 ii

“We do a lot of looking: we look through lenses, telescopes, television tubes…Our looking is perfected every day –  but we see less and less.”

from The Zen of Seeing by Frederick Franck, 1973

This week I am drawing and re-reading one of my favourite books, The Zen of Seeing.  I was introduced to it many years ago in a drawing class in which we were all at different levels of ability, some never having drawn before.  The book, together with our wonderful instructor inspired us all to achieve wonders.  I recommend it to you and hope you are able to find a copy. You will want to pick up a pen or pencil and draw, draw, draw.

Day 90 iii

Studio 365: Day 87

Day 87

Palette 27.3.15

Day 87 iv

The palette may be ephemeral but once cleaned…

Day 87 v

…its digital record becomes the source for…

Abstract 28.3.15

Abstract 28.3.15

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh III

On this last day of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh, more of our camellias for you all to enjoy.