Month: February 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

On today’s Weekly Photo Challenge Krista asks ” What does reward mean to you?”


The answer is found in this gallery of photos taken after our six day trek to Machu Picchu in June 2013. Arriving in the early morning of the seventh day, with the sun’s rays illuminating a scene that can best be described as theatrical in its beauty, was a moment of pure magic and the beginning of a never-to-be-forgotten day of wonder and amazement.

Studio 365: Day 57

Day 57 ii
Day 57i
Day 57 iii
Day 57iv
Three Palettescapes (my new word) from yesterday’s palette photographed before it was washed away forever. The word describes these serendipitous landscapes of color that seem to have a life of their own. Interested to hear your thoughts.

My thanks to all of you who are following Studio 365. Please know that your support and encouragement are very much appreciated. Only another 308 days to go 🙂

Studio 365: Day 53

Day 53 ii

And the Oscar goes to…

…our wonderful late parents to whom we gave this golden Oscar to celebrate their Golden Wedding in 1986. What a special day that was. Lovely to remember them on thechangingpalette on Oscar Day and particularly my mothers advice to always “Count your blessings.”

Rule of Thirds applied.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Thirds ii
Those of you who follow thechangingpalette will be familiar with this image from Studio 365:Day 48, which I have modified for Jen’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds.

These two photos were combined using layers and masks in Photoshop Elements.

Thirds iii     Thirds iv

The still life was photographed at night using light painting, and the Bokeh effect created by applying a Gaussian blur to the painting layer. The beautiful vase was made by the Vancouver artist Rachael Radford and featured on Studio 365: Day 36. Thanks Rachael.

Day 36 iv