Day: February 6, 2015

Studio 365: Day 37

studio scale
Greetings from New York! Yes, we made it, as those of you who follow the Weekly Photo Challenge already know as I submitted a photo of the Manhattan skyline from our taxi ride in.

How can I be in two places at once you ask? Well, at the beginning of the year my goal was to post an image from the studio every day for a year and so today is no exception.

If you look at the top shelf you will see the perspex box I used for the Daily Prompt: Make me Smile last April. Given that Michelle’s subject for this week’s Photo Challenge is Scale I like to think the photos are worthy of a re-post, as they are all about scale…and hopefully will make you smile again.

not at home

Not at home.


Knot, at home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Day 37 ii

New York, New York

Can there be anything more dramatic than the scale of the Manhattan skyline glistening and glimmmering in the early morning sun, as captured with my iPhone through our taxi window on the ride from JFK this morning after our red-eye flight from Vancouver. I know it’s not the greatest of photos but I feel it captures the beauty and majesty of this magnificent city waking to a new day.


Yes, for those of you who follow thechangingpalette, we made it to New York this week after our trip was cancelled a week ago because of the weather, and spent a glorious morning at the Matisse Cut-out’s exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, an exhibition that is all about scale and color and harmony, just as New York itself is, and about which more to come.