Henri Matisse

Studio 365: Day 68

Day 68
“Colour exists in itself, has its own beauty…I used colour as a means of expressing my emotions and not as a transcription of nature. I use the simplest colours. I don’t transform them myself it is the relationships which take charge of them. It is only a matter of enhancing the differences, of revealing them. Nothing prevents composition with a few colours, like music which is built on only seven notes”

Henri Matisse from The Path of Colour in Matisse on Art, 1947

The small framed postcard is of Matisse’s Nature morte aux grenades, Vence 1947 from the Musée Matisse in Nice; perfect for another Matisse Monday. The oranges are from Cosco.

MoMA Mia

A gallery and slide show of some of my favorite photos from our memorable visit to the
Museum of Modern Art in New York just over a week ago to see the Matisse Cut-outs.

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Can you predict the song?

Stay tuned for our visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a day or two.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Day 37 ii

New York, New York

Can there be anything more dramatic than the scale of the Manhattan skyline glistening and glimmmering in the early morning sun, as captured with my iPhone through our taxi window on the ride from JFK this morning after our red-eye flight from Vancouver. I know it’s not the greatest of photos but I feel it captures the beauty and majesty of this magnificent city waking to a new day.


Yes, for those of you who follow thechangingpalette, we made it to New York this week after our trip was cancelled a week ago because of the weather, and spent a glorious morning at the Matisse Cut-out’s exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, an exhibition that is all about scale and color and harmony, just as New York itself is, and about which more to come.


Studio 365: Day 33

tulips iii

Surely worth one more posting?

Colours have a beauty of their own, which must be preserved as one strives to preserve tonal quality in music. It is a question of organization and construction which is sensitive to maintaining this beautiful freshness of colour.

Henri Matisse on The Role and Modalities of Colour, 1945 in Matisse on Art

Studio 365: Day 26

New York i

So much for our visit to New York today and the Matisse exhibition tomorrow, which we had to cancel with Winter Storm Juno blanketing the East Coast tonight. Instead here’s my expression of New York with a collage I created after a visit in 1993, a visit which was also for a Matisse exhibition.

Day 26 i

“The first time I saw America, I mean New York, at 7 o’clock in the evening, this gold and black block in the night, reflected in the water, I was in complete ecstasy.  Someone near me on the boat said: It’s a spangled dress, which helped me to arrive at my own image. New York seemed to me like a gold nugget”

 from, Henri Matisse statements on travel to Tériade, 1929

Wishing those of you in the gold nugget city warmer days to come soon.

Day 26ii

Studio 365: Day 24

Day 24 ii

Homage to Henri Matisse…
…in anticipation of our visit to New York next week to see the exhibition of his cut-outs at the Museum of Modern Art.

Day 24


Day 24 iii

Studio 365: Day 19

yellow tulips i

“Nowadays I try to put serenity into my pictures and re-work them as long as I have not succeeded”

Henri Matisse, from and Interview with Charles Estienne in 1909

Day 19iii

Well it is Monday after all, for those of you who enjoyed my Monday Bouquets last year. As many of you know Henri Matisse is an artist hero of mine and quotations from one of my favourite books, Matisse on Art, will make great additions to my Monday posts; from Monday Bouquets to Matisse Mondays, from time to time. What could be better? Now, back to work!