brought to you by the color yellow

After the y of yellow in yesterday’s maturday no surprise that after green and red today’s post is brought to you by snippets of the color yellow, and again each is linked to its original post.




For some reason I feel a little blue coming on!

brought to you by the color red

After my post “brought to you by the color green” for last week’s Photo Challenge I couldn’t resist following up with a celebration of the color red. Once again these snippets of palettes and paintings are each linked to their original post if you would like to see the full image.





Can yellow be far behind?

Studio 365: Day 159

Day 159

Mosaic Fan II 8.6.15

With a few more vivid colorful test strips from the past few days in the studio I couldn’t resist creating just one more mosaic fan. Who knows where this will lead to?

Magnificent Magnolia

Magnolia vi
Magnolia iii
Magnolia v

Magnolia viii

Magnolia vii

The reward for bringing my camera along on my walk in the sunshine this morning.

Studio 365: Day 19

yellow tulips i

“Nowadays I try to put serenity into my pictures and re-work them as long as I have not succeeded”

Henri Matisse, from and Interview with Charles Estienne in 1909

Day 19iii

Well it is Monday after all, for those of you who enjoyed my Monday Bouquets last year. As many of you know Henri Matisse is an artist hero of mine and quotations from one of my favourite books, Matisse on Art, will make great additions to my Monday posts; from Monday Bouquets to Matisse Mondays, from time to time. What could be better? Now, back to work!