there are no rules


In Chapter 2 of Painting Landscapes from your Imagination Tony Smibert describes the Nature of Watercolor:

“The essence of painting in watercolour is to understand and work with the simple mysteries
of suspension, settling and drying, which takes place everytime we lay down a wash.”

He then adds perhaps the perfect mantra for watercolour painting:

“There are no rules in watercolour, only consequences”

Today’s exercises, which are full of “consequences”, some more successful than others, finishes Chapter 6 with more washes, dots, dabs and the addition of knife work to remove the dried paint creating white highlights from the underlying paper.

loti6x      loti6ix



loti6i     loti6ii

Worldwatercolormonth Day 6


  1. Love looking at your setups. I was enthralled with this book too in 2016 and did some of my best, freest watercolors back then. Did you see he has a new book out? Turner’s Apprentice. I’m anxious,y awaiting mine to arrive. Byw what are those double plastic containers you put the paintinto? They look like food containers..?
    Cheers Carolg

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    1. Hi Carol…Thank you for your comments and thank you for letting me know about “Turner’s Apprentice” which I will now order. The plastic containers I think you are referring to our empty tubs of Becel margarine. Best wishes 😊🎨


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