Day: July 27, 2016

simple is best


Evening Light 27.7.16

“Here’s an opportunity to apply some of the most traditional watercolour techniques
to painting a valley landscape suffused with warm evening light.”

This is Tony Smibert’s introduction to the third and final Project of Part IV in his
Painting Landscapes from your Imagination.


 loti27iii   loti27iv


I decided to stop at this point even though the exercise had a number of further components to it. I liked the lightness of the painting, which reminds me of the wonderful vistas we experienced a couple of years ago in the Land of Enchantment that is New Mexico. I also was thinking of Tony’s words later on in his introduction:

“I think I could (maybe should) have stopped a number of times when the painting was working well…
because I do believe that simple is best.”

Stay tuned as I’ll finish Tony’s exercise, and his book, with another painting tomorrow and keep this one as it is, i.e. sometimes the best advice is to quit while you’re ahead.

we happy few

Discover Challenge: Shared Journeys.

“For this week’s challenge, tell a story that shows the value of company.”

I think these pictures speak for themselves. I am always happy to have the opportunity to revisit our six day trek to Machu Pichu three years ago with Mountain Lodges of Peru in the company of a great group of individuals who came together for the first time and parted as the closest of friends, having shared in the adventure of a lifetime.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers”…and sisters 🙂

Machu Picchu