Spring Close-up in the Land of Enchantment


Dear friends, as you see we did “find our way to Santa Fe.” 


New Mexico is indeed the Land of Enchantment where the horizon seemed to stretch for a thousand miles beneath the bluest of skies.


So many images to share in the coming days and what better way to start than by combining this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring with Ailsa’s Travel theme: Close-up, and taking you on our hike to Chimney Rock at The Ghost Ranch in Northern New Mexico. On this perfect Spring morning the trail gave us views to the south of the flat-toped mountain Pedernal, so beloved by Georgia O’Keeffe…


…and to the north across the canyon the sandstone cliffs of the Entrada Formation over 150 million years old.


What made the morning seem even more “enchanted” was the absolute silence, with only the occasional sound and sense of a welcome cool breeze to brake the spell.


To meet the Close-up theme so many beautiful flowers are seen amongst the rocks and beside the trail.


Whilst the distant vistas were truly breathtaking these flowers were equally so.

One of my favourite quotations seems so fitting with which to close. It is by the great humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer who observed so profoundly that,

“In the hope of reaching the moon we fail to see the flowers that blossom at our feet.”


Well, not on this day I’m pleased to say. The flowers, the blossoms, the sky, the rocks, the mountains, the wind, all were enjoyed and appreciated every moment that we spent in this most magical of places.

I look forward to sharing much more of our visit to the Land of Enchantment with you, so please come back again and visit soon. With warmest good wishes as always…Andrew


  1. You’ve described it perfectly (and quite poetically I might add) Andrew – and your photos are wonderful. The Schweitzer quote is now my new favorite 🙂 Terrific post!!


  2. What a stunning place Andrew!
    Beautiful images of ‘near and far’… those views go on and on… but the lovely flowers are beautiful too and I really enjoy the quote with your post.


  3. Andrew, thanks for the beautiful virtual visit. I’ve always wanted to visit this part of the country, now even more than ever. Lovely photos, and I especially love your quote. So glad you had a wonderful trip!


  4. Yes, what a lovely place! Your pictures are beautiful. I spent a week in Taos, a few days in Santa Fe, and then two days in Albuquerque (which I regretted). Truly a magical place. Apparently Santa Fe is incredible at Christmas time, and I hope to do that one year.

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