Studio 365: Day 339

Day 339 i

Palettescape: acrylic on paper with palette knife.

Away this weekend so a palette piece from a few years back.

Studio 365: Day 112

From the wonder and awe of the magic of Antelope Canyon to the breathtaking majesty of the vistas of Bryce Canyon. It has been another unforgettable day and once again I will let the pictures do all the talking…

…the final shot at the end of a perfect day.


show me the way to go home

Photography 101: SolitudeCapture a snapshot that conveys the state of being alone.


Cairns built by unknown hands high on the Lakeview Mountain Trail in British Columbia’s Cathedral Provincial Park, all show you the way home. When the mist comes up they are a welcome sight to the traveller suddenly very much alone in the solitude of the mountain.

This painting was first a photograph and is now a photograph of a painting. I hope this legitimizes its inclusion in Photography 101. I will await the reprimand.

Color v Monochrome: The Poll of the Century

All right, I admit it is perhaps a slight exaggeration but hopefully it caught your attention. Let me explain… and there will be a poll at the end.

My recent post Monochrome Enchantment was inspired by a superb exhibition at the Andrew Smith Gallery in Santa Fe of the works of Ansel Adams.  Landscape photography never looked more breathtaking and I came away in awe of the drama and beauty of Ansel Adams’s black and white view of the world and a greater understanding as to why he is considered one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century. Continue reading