Plaza Blanca

Color v Monochrome: The Poll of the Century

All right, I admit it is perhaps a slight exaggeration but hopefully it caught your attention. Let me explain… and there will be a poll at the end.

My recent post Monochrome Enchantment was inspired by a superb exhibition at the Andrew Smith Gallery in Santa Fe of the works of Ansel Adams.  Landscape photography never looked more breathtaking and I came away in awe of the drama and beauty of Ansel Adams’s black and white view of the world and a greater understanding as to why he is considered one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century. Continue reading

Monochromatic Enchantment

Plaza Blanca ii


Plaza Blanca ii


Plaza i

Spectacular views of Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu from our recent unforgettable visit to The Land of Enchantment that is New Mexico…