a day without color


I think you know me well enough by now to know where my thoughts are today. Our memorable visit to family in Las Vegas in April 2015 included a visit to the magnificent Red Rock Canyon only a forty minute drive from Downtown and which I featured on Day 115 of my 365 day challenge that year. On returning home it led to a painting of the Canyon featured on Day 134 together with its accompanying colorful palette. Today’s image is that same palette in monochrome, a way for me to express without words my feelings of sorrow, heartache and sympathy for all those lost and suffering from the tragic events that have taken place in a city that is always so full of life, color and excitement.

Studio 365: Day 189

Day 189 i

Lessons from the Great Masters Day 8, part 1 – 8.7.15

Day 189 ii

Today’s lesson was entitled Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot: balance of light and dark elements. The image started simply with a light wash followed by dark solid shapes leaving sky-holes within the foliage and painting a single tree-trunk within the reserved white of the sky. Highlights were created scraping the paint away with a sharp knife. Look for the color exercise tomorrow.

Day 175 iii

One Four Challenge: Nov Wk 4 – Poll

birdstp neg

The original negative, still pristine after forty-five years, followed by the cropped image and its four variations for Robyn’s One Four Challenge. If you have a moment let me know your favorite with the poll at the end. 


birdstp ii    birdstp iii

birdstp iv    birdstp-viiib

Monochrome Madness Week 34

refraction iii

My submission to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Week 34, with a little colorful modification, is the sparkling crystal chandelier from the Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction.  Visit Leanne’s blog to see all the other Monochrome Madness images in her wonderful gallery this week; you won’t be disappointed.

The Wave

Although I took this photo over forty years ago the memory of the moment is as fresh as if it were yesterday.  As to the title, a number of ideas came to mind, Heat Wave, Wavelength, Wave to the camera, but none was quite what I wanted. I chose Arpeggio to suggest all the different sounds coming from the wave crashing against the walkway in rapid succession.

Please visit Leanne Cole’s blog to see all of the great submissions to today’s Monochrome Madness Gallery.

Color v Monochrome: The Poll of the Century

All right, I admit it is perhaps a slight exaggeration but hopefully it caught your attention. Let me explain… and there will be a poll at the end.

My recent post Monochrome Enchantment was inspired by a superb exhibition at the Andrew Smith Gallery in Santa Fe of the works of Ansel Adams.  Landscape photography never looked more breathtaking and I came away in awe of the drama and beauty of Ansel Adams’s black and white view of the world and a greater understanding as to why he is considered one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century. Continue reading