Arpeggio – Monochrome Madness

The Wave

Although I took this photo over forty years ago the memory of the moment is as fresh as if it were yesterday.  As to the title, a number of ideas came to mind, Heat Wave, Wavelength, Wave to the camera, but none was quite what I wanted. I chose Arpeggio to suggest all the different sounds coming from the wave crashing against the walkway in rapid succession.

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  1. What a wonderful photo Andrew! I can’t believe you took it over 40 years ago. 🙂 And I think it is so great how photos bring us back to the moment and help keep the memories alive.


    1. Thanks Elina for your lovely comment. Looking through old photo albums, slides and negatives brings back so many memories. One of the great pleasures of blogging is the stimulus to make the time to re-visit those special moments, so often long forgotten but then so quickly remembered. Always such a pleasure to hear from you Elina 🙂


  2. What a dramatic and exquisite moment, so well captured…I am especially struck by the passerby- he seems almost nonchalant, hurrying quickly on his way.

    I really love the title you finally opted for- how vividly it evokes all those sounds and notes immediately to mind. Being a fan of the sea, the ocean always resounds like a glorious symphony to me, with every nuance of sound and song- from the deep throttled murmur far below the waves, or the tickling sound of the tide strumming the shattered sea-shells, to the bellow and baying and sibilance of thundering sea thrashing a great stolid rocky wall…how the droplets fly and glitter, how the pavement gleams- can even hear that sheen of brine breathing as it recedes- endlessly thrilling. Thanks so much for this marvelous shot- so beautiful. . Jubilant cheers,

    Autumn Jade


    1. Thanks for taking the time to post such memorable and poetic comments; they are so very much appreciated and will be treasured. Receiving such thoughtful comments as yours are is one of the great joys of blogging and makes it all worthwhile. Jubilant cheers are returned to you. With my best wishes…Andrew 🙂

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