Monochrome Madness

A Year of Monochrome Madness

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A year ago Leanne Cole and Laura Macky invited photographers to submit their monochrome images each week, which were then posted as a gallery by Leanne on her blog. For this 52nd week Leanne suggested we all post a gallery of some of our favourites.

I would like to thank Leanne and Laura for hosting this great project over the past year, and congratulate all the contributors for so many memorable and inspiring images.


For this special Christmas Edition of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness, the last of the year, we are all adding a splash of colour.  To see all the great submissions visit Leanne’s blog and enjoy a wonderful potpourri of great images, all with a touch of colour.

Best wishes for the holidays everyone, and thanks Leanne 🙂

The Wave

Although I took this photo over forty years ago the memory of the moment is as fresh as if it were yesterday.  As to the title, a number of ideas came to mind, Heat Wave, Wavelength, Wave to the camera, but none was quite what I wanted. I chose Arpeggio to suggest all the different sounds coming from the wave crashing against the walkway in rapid succession.

Please visit Leanne Cole’s blog to see all of the great submissions to today’s Monochrome Madness Gallery.