One Four Challenge: Nov Wk 4 – Poll

birdstp neg

The original negative, still pristine after forty-five years, followed by the cropped image and its four variations for Robyn’s One Four Challenge. If you have a moment let me know your favorite with the poll at the end. 


birdstp ii    birdstp iii

birdstp iv    birdstp-viiib


  1. This is awesome Andrew! I love that youve used your Neg for this image and its great seeing where your subject originated from!! 😀
    I like seeing the four together and I really want #3 to be my favourite, because I love the colours, but #4 is wonderfully strong and keeps drawing my eye!
    Really successful 4 weeks by you. Fantastic!!

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      1. Glad youve enjoyed Nov – it has been fun.
        Ha ha, yes you will be busy Andrew!
        A whole new use for you negs 😀
        I love the Warhol inspired ideas that ‘popped’ up!
        Will be interested to see which direction votes lean.

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