Bryce Canyon

even parks have birthdays


Bryce Canyon  9.5.15
A painting repurposed from 2015 after our memorable visit to spectacular Bryce Canyon with which to say Happy 102nd Birthday to the treasured  US National Park Service.

Studio 365: Day 130

In follow up to yesterday’s Day 129, and staying in a Bryce Canyon frame of mind, I thought I would add an addendum to our unforgettable visit there just three weeks ago. The first trail we experienced was at the southern end of the Park, and is known as The Bristlecone Loop Trail. It is a 1.1 mile round trip and leads to views of The Pink Cliffs, and a 100 mile vista taking in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The Bristlecone in the photo is over sixteen centuries old, a true force of nature.

I wanted to capture that moment when the spectacular panorama appeared and the view of the 2000 foot drop into the canyon below unfolded. It was simply breathtaking. The next day we went back and I made the following video to re-create that moment.

Let me know if I’ve succeeded.

Day 130 iv

Studio 365: Day 129

Day 129 i

Bryce Canyon I 9.5.15

Day 129 viib     Day 129 iii

Day 129 iv     Day 129 v

Day 129 vi

Palette: Day 129 9.5.15

Studio 365: Day 113


The Navajo Loop Trail from Sunset point descending into the Bryce Canyon Amphitheatre.

The perfect finish to our visit to Bryce Canyon hiking the Navajo Trail into the Amphitheatre, connecting with the Queens Garden Trail and returning to the canyon rim at Sunrise Point. Look for Queen Victoria in the photo gallery.

One final view before leaving this precious jewel of a place and a thank you to the National Park Service for maintaining it so perfectly for us all to enjoy.


Studio 365: Day 112

From the wonder and awe of the magic of Antelope Canyon to the breathtaking majesty of the vistas of Bryce Canyon. It has been another unforgettable day and once again I will let the pictures do all the talking…

…the final shot at the end of a perfect day.