where the bee sucks



Couldn’t resist posting this lovely garden moment to the Lens Artist challenge: Detail

not just about the medals

Paralympic Moment V

Although Canada’s Michelle Salt may have just missed the podium it’s not only about the medals as her athleticism, optimism and positivity are all inspirational enough.

Hear her “incredible story” in her own words and understand why.



Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Since our memorable 2012 visit to the Canadian National Memorial in Vimy I have posted many of my photographs from that moving visit over the past four years together with my¬†video Lest We Forget made from those photos. To commemorate today’s solemn celebrations I am posting links to two of the posts for those of you who might wish to revisit them and welcome those of my new followers who might be¬†interested in seeing them for the first time.

Remembering The Battle of Vimy Ridge: April 9-12 1917

Remembrance Day 2013

Lest we forget.

a Hitchcock moment

As I arrived home on the weekend I was greeted by a cacophony of sound the intensity of which I hadn’t heard before. There, high in the trees behind our house, against the odds, was an eagle tearing apart a crow that it had just caught, surrounded by an angry army of the bird’s extended family. Those of you who have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds will relate to the scene I witnessed, spellbound I might add, with other¬†neighbours in the street.

How different from the Birdsong I posted just a week or two ago.

If you have never seen Hitchcock’s film here is the 1963 trailer:

You may never look at birds the same way again – be warned.


I heard this glorious symphony of sound during yesterday’s morning walk in the Vancouver sunshine. It was a healing moment with which to escape the daily doom and gloom that I feel we are all being subjected to know right now.

Why not join me on my walk and enjoy the images of Kitsilano Beach, Vanier Park and snowy Vancouver at its wintery best by visiting escape with me which I have also posted today. I’m feeling better already. I hope you are too.

a chocapollock holiday greeting


My wife’s creations are far tastier than mine could ever hope to be.

Her chocolate bark is just the perfect holiday bite and loved by us all.

Discover Challenge: Mixing Media

For this week’s Discover Challenge: Mixing Media,¬†Michelle asks us to “publish¬†a¬†post containing¬†the kind of work¬†you‚Äôd normally publish ‚ÄĒ¬†but mix it with¬†a second type¬†of media, either digital or analog.”

This seemed to be the perfect opportunity to revisit¬†some of the¬†paintings that many of you will have seen on The Changing Palette over the past year. ¬†Using iMovie on my MacBook Air I have pulled¬†them together in a short video and added¬†the sublime accompaniment of Glen Gould playing one of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. ¬†I hope you enjoy it.

Here and Now: Part Two

Discover Challenge: Here and Now

“Choose a moment and capture it in the medium of your choice.”

This week’s Discover Challenge from the Daily Post is all about being in the moment. After Here and Now: Part One, and having introduced you to the Gift of the Four Treasures¬†earlier this month, today in another over my shoulder video,¬†Here and Now: Part Two continues to be¬†very much in the moment as the painting from Part One begins to appear thanks to¬†those beautiful treasures.


over my shoulder VII – Here and Now

If you would like to see more of my over the shoulder videos you will find their links here on From Yardwork to Arwork: The Photinia Story Part Three.

Tuscan Reverie

For this inaugural Discover Challenge: Blogging the Senses, Cheri asks us publish a post that piques one of the five senses, hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste, having found inspiration herself in an interview with medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel. Since we are free to “interpret this in any way, and in any format: prose, poetry, photography, audio, video,” and having been also inspired by Erik Kwakkel’s blog myself thanks to Cheri’s introduction, I thought how appropriate this would be to revisit the Abbey of St. Antimo, a former Benedictine Monastry in the commune of Montalcino in Tuscany, which I blogged about over two years ago.

St Antimo

The map is from a journal I kept during our Italian travels in 2000, and the entry for the 21st of April describes our visit to the Abbey that day. As you can read we took the bus from Siena to Montalcino and then walked the 10 kilometres to St. Antimo.


The video is from the photographs I took during that memorable 10 kilometre walk through the magnificent Tuscan countryside. I hope your senses will be piqued as you enjoy the beauty of those Tuscan hills and listen to the Gregorian chant, ‚ÄúHaec Dies‚ÄĚ from ‚ÄúMysterium‚ÄĚ a recording made in the Abbey in April 1995 by the five fathers of the Communita die Canonici Regolari di Sant‚ÄôAntimo.

WPC: Life Imitates Art

Pollock iv

After Convergence 13.2.16

In this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge Sheri asks us to “…find inspiration in a piece of art. Then, imitate it.” The painting I have chosen is Convergence by Jackson Pollock painted in 1952 and now residing in the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo New York.


Convergence – Jackson Pollock – 1952

“I have no fears about making changes, destroying the image, etc. because the painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.” Jackson Pollock.

Pollock iii

Homage to Pollock 13.2.16

“It seems to me that the modern painter cannot express his age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or any other past culture. Each age finds its own technique.”
Jackson Pollock, 1951