war crimes

As the relentless bombing continues today, the war crimes against the people of Ukraine, especially the children, by Putin and his nazified Russian army will never be forgotten. Judgement day for him must come soon, whether from the people of Russia who do not support him, or from the newly proposed Nurenberg-style international tribunal. He has joined the ranks of every evil despot in history becoming a modern-day Hitler with crimes against humanity that have no regard for human life, however young, those beautiful innocent children who are always in my thoughts as I know they are in yours.


“Stop the War”

“Stop the War.
Don’t believe propaganda
They are lying to you”

The words and heroic bravery of Marina Ovsyannikova, an employee of Russia’s Chanel One bursting into their main evening news with her message. On another dark day a brief but unforgettable moment when the light of truth and the strength of a remarkable human spirit shines brightly like a shooting star streaking across the blackness of a starless sky.

Words and voices from Canada at the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday standing with the people of Ukraine and for an end to the agony of this senseless war as we continue with broken hearts to mourn the women, men and children who are being so cruelly killed each day by a heartless and demented war criminal who must one day be held to account.



the weapon of truth

The heroic face and inspiring words of a modern day “David” leading his oh so brave people in their fight against the pure evil of a 21st century “Goliath” who is surely doomed to fail.

“We will defend our state, because our weapon is truth.
And the truth is that this is our land, our country, our children.
And we will defend all of it.”

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, February 26, 2022

#standwithukraine 🇺🇦

standing with Ukraine

Walking in the cold peace of the Pacific Spirit Park this morning, freshly adorned in unexpected new snow, my thoughts were of a different cold, a new Cold War far away but feeling so very close, and of the men, women and children huddled and sheltering underground because of the actions of an unhinged, maniacal despot. Those families and children will constantly be in my thoughts in the coming days and weeks as we all hope for peace and stand with Ukraine.

remembrance and protest

On this anniversary of the Quebec mosque attack on a day when we remember the six worshippers murdered and the nineteen injured five years ago I show our Canadian flag proudly because I refuse to display the images of hate and racism that are being seen not only in Ottawa today but around the country and the world.
To see the flag carried upside down adorned with a swastika or being flown next to a swastika flag on the back of a pickup truck, and to see people wearing the yellow Star of David stamped with the words “not vaxxed,” and “non vaccin,” it is all beyond comprehension. This is not free speech. These are symbols of hate speech and racism and look back to the worst of humanity. Who are these people? They do not belong in a Canada that I recognize. To equate the efforts of our caring society that is interested in ensuring the health and safety of all of its citizens with the criminality of the Nazi regime, demonstrates a level of ignorance that is beyond belief. I can only assume that they belong to the same rabble of unworthy citizenry that protested our healthcare heroes outside our hospitals not that long ago.
Whatever the outcome of the demonstrations in Ottawa, which for the most part seem peaceful enough, these despicable actions must be called out and protested, as I do now, in the strongest possible terms wherever and whenever they occur.

labor day 2021

On this Labor Day our healthcare and frontline heroes deserve our everlasting gratitude not the hate, vitriol and ignorance of this miserable rabble of unworthy citizenry. Free speech is one thing but protesting our precious healthcare workers outside their places of work is simply unacceptable. These heartbreaking words from one of our nurse heroes say it all.


As the sun set in the woods at the end of this week of weeks, the words of Dylan Thomas came to mind: “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” No doubt that rage that I know so many of us feel will undoubtedly continue until the traitorous tyrant is removed and held to account.

a goddess for our times

Athena, the Greek Goddess, was the patron and protectress of cities across ancient Greece, particularly Athens, from which she received her name. No wonder this heroic young woman who stood defiantly in front of those cowardly unmarked troops in Portland three days ago has been named the Portland Athena. She is a Goddess for our times and a true inspiration