walk in the woods

after the rain

With the need to escape the news for a while today what better place for reflection than the Pacific Spirit Park after the rain.

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Walking along the Lily of the Valley Trail in the Pacific Spirit Park today I wondered why tree bark was dropping on top of me. Well, hereโ€™s the answer, a hard at work woodpecker back at work after Labor Day.

efernally grateful

Efernally grateful to the majesty of the Pacific Spirit Park that has been a sanctuary of peace and beauty throughout the challenging months of Covid, as it was again today on this eve of the new month ahead.






hold your breath


Photo of the day from the Douglas Fir Trail of the Pacific Spirit Park.
Another breathtaking moment from one of Vancouver’s Jewels.

no words necessary


No words, just total awe in the Pacific Spirit Park today.
ย  ย  ย 

barking up the right tree


Walking in the Pacific Spirit Park on a rainy Saturday afternoon and enjoying the beauty of nature’s “canvases”, which never fail to inspire, as these mossy, craggy tree trunks did today.