1. Yes we are following you all the way and have been waiting for this first epistle of the journey. Amazed that you are so unfazed by the height and lack of oxygen. Just for your info and to inspire you to greater effort the currrent baro pressure at 12000ft is 496mmhg or 66Kpa which still means that you have 65% 0f the oxygen at sea level. Well done to you both and the group. As usual pictures are wonderful. Keep shovelling in the acetazolamide! Cant wait for the next installment and your current height above sea level. I will let you know how much O2 you have left!


    1. Thanks John. Fortunately the oxygen didn’t run out! We are now back in Cusco after an amazing adventure. Machu Picchu was unforgettable as you will see when I post the pictures, although that may have to wait till we’re back in Vancouver. Looking forward to our next Skype when we’re home. Lots of love to you and Valerie.


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