Studio 365: Day 154

Day 154 vi

Mosaic Fan 3.6.15

Serendipidy in the studio.

After I had taken down yesterday’s Italian Reverie pieces from the wall today the mosaic and palette strips suddenly presented the image of a fan to me, demonstrating how the creative process so often happens at a subconscious level and leaves one wondering now where did that come from?

Day 154 v


  1. Andrew, I love these! I’m a huge fan – of test strips. And you have created beautiful magic with them, just lovely 🙂 thanks for sharing with us, they are … Gorgeous!!

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    1. Thanks Debi. I think the strips have a real spontaneous beauty of their own. It was great to create an image with them without any plan to do so. All sorts of other ideas come to mind. Best wishes.


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