Day: June 22, 2015

Studio 365: Day 173

Day 173 i

Balletlujah Collage II 22.6.15

Day 173 vii

Day 173 ii     Day 173 iii

Day 173 iv     Day 173 v

Day 173 vi

Day 173 ix

Visit Studio 365 Day 170 to learn about Balletlujah celebrating the music of k.d.lang with links to CBC Television and the Alberta Ballet Company.

ROY G. BIV works here

roygbiv iii

Since January 1st this year Studio 365 has been productive every day thanks to the hard work of Roy G. Biv. Here is a potpourri of some of his creations from the studio these past six months showing all of his lovely colours working together in each and every one.

Where there’s colour there’s life

roygbiv iv

Roy G.Biv