somewhere under the rainbow


somewhere under the rainbow 

The request:

“…unicorns and ballerinas and elephants and rainbows and fairy tales etc of course in pinks and purples and glittery colours…”

The journey:


acrylic on canvas 48″ x 36″ 2019

afternoon at the ballet


Yesterday afternoon the ballet came to the studio. Inspired after watching the sublime Tiler Peck, principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, in Ballet 422 on Netflix. Watch this great ballet documentary and be inspired by her too.








dance studio


for the love of dance continued in the studio this afternoon


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Martha Graham

Balletlujah revisited

dance i

Last June I was inspired by a CBC documentary on the Alberta Ballet Company’s Balletlujah, a celebration of the music of K.D.Lang. My posts on Days 170 and 173 of my 365 day challenge were an expression of that inspiration using photographs I took from my TV screen during the CBC broadcast. For this week’s Photo Challenge: Dance I thought I would revisit those photographs and share with you the magic and sublime beauty of the dancers as they performed both on stage and in the warm Canadian prairie sunshine to the magnificent voice of K.D.Lang.

This is the Alberta Ballet Company’s description of Balletlujah for their 2015-2016 Season:

A true Albertan artistic triumph, Balletlujah! is a remarkable dance creation born from an intimate collaboration between two of Alberta’s most celebrated artists: k.d. lang and Jean Grand-Maître. It features a visually stunning homage to the people and landscapes of the Canadian prairies which shaped lang’s profound vision of music and life. Over 17 incomparable interpretations, including “Constant Craving,” “Big Boned Gal” and “Hallelujah,” Balletlujah! traces the unique journey of a young woman who abandons her hometown for romance and the City of Angels – but the mystical prairies will call her back to her treasured roots and to her true love.

Enjoy K.D.Lang’s wonderful interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, which he described as being done to its “ultimate, blissful state of perfection.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less) 2

weight iv

A second image of weightlessness from the archives.

weight viii

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

weight vi

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less) from Ben has given me the perfect excuse to open up the archives once again and revisit a never-to-be-forgotten afternoon nearly fifty years ago shooting rehearsals at Covent Garden in London. You may remember my other archival visit in response to the Photo Challenge: Broken last May, which I cheekily entitled “Peeping Beauty”. As I wrote then, my negatives are as pristine today in their protective sleeves as they were all those years ago.

Although I love the convenience of modern day digital photography, I have to confess there is something magical about 35 mm film as I think back and remember waiting anxiously for those images to slowly appear in the dim orange light of the photographic dark room.

weight vii

I hope you’ll agree the image I have chosen has “the air of weightlessness” about it that Ben has asked us for.

Studio 365: Day 173

Day 173 i

Balletlujah Collage II 22.6.15

Day 173 vii

Day 173 ii     Day 173 iii

Day 173 iv     Day 173 v

Day 173 vi

Day 173 ix

Visit Studio 365 Day 170 to learn about Balletlujah celebrating the music of k.d.lang with links to CBC Television and the Alberta Ballet Company.