Peeping Beauty

Broken rank

Breaking ranks in the corps de ballet.

I took this photo nearly fifty years ago during a rehearsal at Covent Garden, and the negative is as pristine today as it was all those years ago. In response to Cheri inviting us to “find beauty in something broken” for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken.


  1. Gorgeous! Absolutely stunning!
    I just told another photographer that I haven’t been in a dark room in over thirty years….I wouldn’t remember what to do with a negative. Thank you for sharing this today!

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    1. Many thanks Michelle. I have to confess that I haven’t been in a dark room for years either. I created this image by scanning the negative using my Epson V700 Photo Scanner, my digital “darkroom”. You might enjoy seeing some other scanned black and white photos in a slide show at the end of my post on Jan 30th: Thanks again. Best wishes

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      1. Good to know! I’ve been soaking up photography ‘lessons’ from the best and I was relieved to see that yours happens in a digital darkroom, too. I’m heading over to check out the black and white! Thank you, Andrew!

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      1. Smart thinking, Andrew. All of your photos turn out so beautifully! My husband started buying me Canons & I’m used to them – but maybe, I could end up getting a “spare” camera…..(Pentax) LOL


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