Day: June 13, 2015

Out of Season ii

For a month last November I took part in The Daily Post’s Photography 101. For the final weekend Cheri suggested we all “Get Out and Explore.” Well I did just that on a magical early morning in Vancouver, and posted “It just doesn’t get much better”. Today’s photo is from that Off-Season November morning on Kitsilano Beach, about which I wrote:

Yesterday was one of those magical days in Vancouver. There was fresh snow on the ground and the air was crisp and cold with the sun shining from a blue, blue sky. Although I posted a farewell to Photography 101 with its a wrap, I did indeed “get out and explore” as Cheri had suggested, and with Ben’s convergence very much on my mind had an early morning walk along Kits beach as the sun began to rise.

For this week’s Photo Challenge from Krista: Show us what “off-season” means to you.