Day: July 6, 2015

Studio 365: Day 187

Lessons from the Great Masters Day 6 – # I

Day 187 iv

Arizona Revisited I 6.7.15

Day 187 v

Arizona Revisited II 6.7.15

Definitely a quantum leap with today’s exercises, which involved creating watercolor monoprints by pressing paper onto wet paint on my white ceramic palette. The effects were both exciting, and not unexpectedly, surprising.

After the paper was removed from the palette the images were worked on and as they changed they reminded me of the night sky on the McDowell Sonoran Reserve in Scottsdale, from our recent trip to Arizona.

Day 107


Lessons from the Great Masters Day 6 – # II

Day 187 i

Day 187 ii

Day 187 iii


Lessons from the Great Masters Day 6 – # III

Day 187 ix

Day 187 xiii

Day 175 iii

One final palette piece that deserves its own space, I’m sure you’ll agree…

Day 187 x

It’s been quite a day…