Month: August 2015

Studio 365: Day 243

Day 243 iv

Deltaport 31.8.15

The Deltaport skyline at sunset from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal causeway on our return from Victoria last night.

Studio 365: Day 242

A glorious afternoon today in Victoria BC’s magnificent Butchart Gardens.

Studio 365: Day 241

Away from the studio this weekend with our beautiful granddaughter who is nine weeks old today. She loves the mobile now hanging above her changing table and I wondered how it looks to her as she lies there gurgling and smiling. With this week’s Photo Challenge: From Every Angle it seemed the perfect excuse to take a closer look at Larry the Lamb, Gus the Goose and Casper the Cat.  I have a funny feeling they might be making you gurgle too.

Studio 365: Day 240

Day 240

Anniversary Bouquet 28.8.15

Sunflowers for our 41st wedding anniversary today for the one who brings sunshine into my life each and every day. If you would like to see the real bouquet I have posted it on this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, together with one of our special wedding presents, which is as beautiful today as the day we received it forty one years ago. Take a look.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

For this week’s Photo Challenge Shane has asked us to photograph a stationary subject from three different angles. What could be more appropriate on our 41st wedding anniversary than this Minton “Spring Valley” tea service that is as beautiful today as it was forty-one years ago when we received it as a very special wedding present . Tea anyone?

anniversary iv

…and Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.

Studio 365: Day 238

Matting and framing in the studio today. It’s always exciting and reassuring to see how an image can be transformed with a simple mat and appropriate frame around it.

Today was definitely a good day and in keeping with this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from Cheri I have also put the above images in a Mesh gallery for comparison. If you have time I would be interested in your input comparing the two galleries in the pole below, particularly as I am not yet sure whether the Mesh gallery is the way to go. I suspect the Mesh developers would be interested too.

Many thanks.

Studio 365: Day 235

Day 231 i

Beware of the Bull in the Field 23.8.15 Pen and Ink

Day 231 ii

Beware of the Bull in the Field 1981 Pen and Ink