Tony Smibert

working with light

After a breathtakingly beautiful sunset and sky two nights ago I returned to the studio today to practice some more exercises from Tony Smibert’s “Turner’s Apprentice”.

In the chapter “Working with light” he writes, ”Learn what you can from Turner, certainly, but also study the play of light in nature, adapt what you learn and allow what you see to inspire drama within landscapes painted in your own way”.

When you see the sky from two nights ago you can see why I was inspired.




exploring the possibilities


“Being inspired by Turner is all about being creative and exploring the possibilities, just as he did.”

Tony Smibert.

colour harmony


“In the chart of exercises…the sketches are all quite tiny – deliberately so – because the idea is to experiment quickly, identify techniques, and move on.”

Tony Smibert on exercise in Colour Harmonies in Turner’s Apprentice.


In memory of George Floyd
and the need for a very different colour harmony.

Turner’s Apprentice

Last week I received Tony Smibert’s new book, Turner’s Apprentice, A Watercolor Masterclass and started on his watercolor exercises in the studio today.

I learnt so much from his previous two books, Tate Watercolour Manual: Lessons from the Great Masters and Painting Landscapes from your Imagination that I already know the next few weeks will be another inspiring and memorable journey. Once again I thank my dear friend and wonderful Australian artist and teacher Debi Riley for introducing Tony Smibert’s books to me.

…to be continued.