Studio 365: Day 175

Day 175 b

Lessons from the Great Masters Day 1 24.6.15

A big thank you to Debi Riley, an inspirational artist and teacher in Perth Australia, who introduced us, through her wonderful blog a couple of weeks ago, to one of her treasured art books – Tate Watercolour Manual: Lessons from the Great Masters. I ordered it online and it arrived a day or two ago; what a treasure indeed. Today I started exploring it in the studio and am already excited by what I hope to learn.

Day 175 iv      Day 175 i

Day 175 v      Day 175 ii

Thank you Debi for the introduction but more importantly for the great inspiration you are to all of your students and for sharing with us, through your superb artistic creations your passion and love of art and for teaching. Visit Debi’s blog to learn more about her treasured books and explore her many lessons for aspiring artists.

Day 175 iii


  1. oh my goodness, I’m excited that you got the book! Its such a great book, with so many true masters – I’m sure you’ll love it for a long time to come. great colours + tones you created on this piece Andrew! Thanking you very much for the link & mention to my blog 🙂 Debi

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      1. my pleasure 🙂 if you can get your hands on the out of print version, another book you ‘might’ like is Landscapes from The Imagination by Tony Smibert. and Do You have some book recommendations to share !?

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    1. Happy to hear you are following Debi’s blog Justine. Together with your classes you’ll be hanging in the Tate before you know it 🙂 btw congrats on the online artisan retail store; it look great.

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      1. haha that made me laugh out loud about the Tate, my step grandmother was in the Tate for a while, a portrait of herself, my step brother has it now. It’s not too far from me I should go visit again x

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  2. Thank you for this, and thank you for the introduction – not for me, you understand … my level of painterly expertise is about the same as the children at the nursery school under my flat. But my youngest daughter is studying for her Fine Arts BA degree and her older sister is a fashion design student. Both the book and the blog will be great for them both 🙂

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