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Ooh, Shiny!
Diversions, distractions, and delightful detours.

For this week’s Photo Challenge from The Daily Post we are asked where do we find our “Ooh, Shiny” moments. If you follow The Changing Palette you will know one of my favourite walks is in Vancouver’s Pacific Spirit Regional Park, and when the sun is out it’s all about those Ooh, Shiny moments, whether it be the height of the summer, as it was just a week or two ago…


…or in the cool, clear, colorful days of Fall, as I posted in October 2015


I hope you’re exclaiming “Ooh, Shiny!” with me 🙂

Studio 365: Day 300

Here we are back home again and it’s Day 300. After all the glorious colours in England and France all I had to do today was step outside to find autumn had come to my own back door.

Day 300ii    Day 300 i

Day 300 iv    Day 300 iii

It’s hard to believe that three hundred days have gone by since I committed to posting every day throughout the year, and so far I have been able to keep to my goal. On both Day 100 and Day 200 I looked back at some of the paintings from the previous one hundred days, so it seemed like a good idea to do so for Day 300 today.

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Only sixty five more days to go.

Studio 365: Day 296


If you go down to the woods today…

Walking in the woods today the music and words of Teddy Bear’s Picnic immediately came to my mind as I tramped in muddy boots through the trees. I hadn’t thought about the song for many years but it’s one that is so familiar to me, and I suspect to many of your reading this, and yet I knew nothing about its origins. Thanks to Wikipedia I discovered the melody was written by the American composer John Walter Bratton in 1907, and the lyrics were added by the Irish songwriter Jimmy Kennedy in 1932. The first vocal recording was by Henry Hall and his orchestra in 1932. Enjoy his classic recording as you “go down to the woods” with me, although “you better go in disguise.”

Day 296

Studio 365: Day 295

This morning we said farewell to Bergerac after a week filled with great memories of this beautiful region of France, with special thanks to Laurence and Pascal.

This afternoon we were greeted by the glorious Surrey countryside as we return to England for the final few days of our travels with dearest friends.

Studio 365: Day 286

Day 286 ii

From the wonderful October colors on Kitsilano Beach yesterday to the glorious Autumn English countryside today, all in just a few hours…Yes, it’s good to be back.

Day 286 iii

Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

Yesterday, on another inspiring early morning walk along the Admiralty Trail on the boundary of the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, the sunlight filtering through the high overhanging branches created a canopy of colour that at times simply took our breath away.

We stepped aside for the joggers and then met the two little Papillon sisters Cricket and Bella, aged six and seven, who kindly pawsed and posed for me.


Autumn in all its glory, once again, I hope you agree.

park partita

Photography 101: Weekend One

Kits beach this afternoon was pure magic with the glorious sound of her violin in perfect harmony with the late afternoon sky, the autumnal colors of the trees, the scattered clouds and the silhouettes of the figures against the shimmering water of English Bay.

Enjoy the Bourée from Bach’s Partita No.3 in E major played by Nobuko Imai

Autumn Glory


Kitsilano beach park on a clear, crisp, sunny October day: Autumn perfect.

Since this is the first day of Photography 101 in which the assignment is to share an image that means home I thought this would fit perfectly.  On thechangingpalette you will find many photos of Kitsilano Beach taken at different times of the day and evening, as you will see in the related links below.   

For Photography 101 and Ailsa’s Weekly Travel theme: Autumn