Studio 365: Day 110


A treasure in Owl Canyon

Who would have thought it could get any better, but today was another magical day with unforgettable visits to Owl, Rattlesnake and Upper Antelope Canyons. Here are a selection of more amazing images to share with you, and many thanks for all your comments and visits.

The feather from a great horned owl from our visit to Owl Canyon will indeed be the treasure of the trip. It will take pride of place in the studio back home and I can’t wait to use it for more pen and ink drawings.  I did ask our Navajo guide Kim, from Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours, if I could keep the feather and she very graciously gave her permission. Thank you Kim for a day we will never forget.

Feather ii

On to Bryce Canyon tomorrow.


  1. Andrew, these shots are amazing but, not to take anything away from your talent (as I have commented so many times in the past) it is difficult to take a bad photo here at Antelope Canyon. We were in Lower Antelope Canyon 3 years ago and can’t wait to return. But I think the response to the question of whether or not you need a guide is misleading. We paid and waited with a group of about twenty German tourists for our “guide” to take us the 5 minute walk to the canyon. Then he pretty much left us alone to wander in the slot canyon on our own. Was your guide different? Were you given any insight into how these canyons were formed? We went in mid September. Maybe the time of year dictates whether or not you get a guided tour?

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    1. Thanks for you comments Emilio. Maybe things have changed in the last 3 years, but the only way to visit Upper Antelope Canyon is with a guide or tour group. You cannot visit on your own. Today there were a hundred or so in different groups. I think the lower Canyon is the same i.e. requires a guide. Lots of info on various web sites.


      1. Maybe it’s just my memory. Tours left at scheduled times but once we got into the canyon I do not remember a guide. It is possible, though, that we snuck off or just sort of dragged our heels to have everyone disappear around a bend so I could get some shots.


      1. I really want to! My parents live in Tucson during the winter and in the White Mountains in the summer. I think it may be like a five hour drive to Page but I’m not sure. I heard it is hard to book and get in there. How did you do it? Were you in a big group? Your photos are utterly amazing. I’m not that great of a photographer so perhaps I need to improve my skills before going. Where did you drive to next?

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      2. Your photo skills are great so you should definitely plan a trip. It was just my wife and me and I booked everything online. The Best Western was perfect but there is also a Marriott that looked good. Book with Ken’s Tours for the Lower Canyon and Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours for the Upper Canyon. The link is on the post. I hope you get to go. Let me know if you do. Our next stop was Bryce Canyon where we are now. Another amazing place to visit Best wishes.

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    1. Thanks so much. For us perhaps the most memorable time was spent in Owl Canyon as we were the only ones there, particularly as we could see the owls high up in the cliffs looking down on us. The feather is a real treasure 🙂


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